Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No news is...


As many of you know, Ken had a VERY IMPORTANT appointment with a nurologist on Monday. That morning he did not get up with us as we got ready for school, I figured he was getting a little more rest before going to the Dr. in hour away. I was at work for a couple of hours and I called him to see if he got to the Dr alright and I dounf out that he DID NOT GO!!! He canceled the appointment. I have to admit that it is a scary thought be agree to be electricuted, one nerve at a time, with out the possibility of any pain meds, but seriously! We have had this appointment for well over a month and to reschedule it will be another 6+ weeks. BLASTED!

Ken had a second appointment on Monday was with an orthopedic surgeon for his knee. Because he was sure this surgery would be the answer to all his medical woes, he put the nurologist out of his mind. When he got to his appointment Monday afternoon, the Dr. told him he wouldn't do surgery or even scope his knee until the nurologist has either solved his mystery or told him there was nothing more he could do for him. we are. 2 months later and no news. I'm a little frustrated but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't see Ken's point of view on this. I secretly hoped that the knee surgery would fix everything...I just wanted to know what the nurologist thought ALSO.

So that's my story.

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