Friday, October 31, 2008

dO PigS FLy?!

This pic was taken ThIS mORnINg, approximately 19 minutes ago in Great Bend, Kansas. Happy Days for us!

Farewell to Hermana Madsen

Yesterday was transfers in the Missouri, Independence Mission. A sad day for the GB Ward indeed. Hermana Madsen was transferred to the Liberty Jail Visitor's Center. Lucky for MO, sad for us! Here are some pics of fun times we had. WE LoVe yOU HeRmANa MadSeN!!

Herman Madsen & Sister Ayala

Sister Ayala, Herman Madsen, Moi, Jessica

We have to have a silly one, it's just the way things are.

We were all randomly dancing and Ken was taking pictures with all the camaras. Silly? yes! Fun? A LOT!! It's also fun to do with timers on the camara but Ken wasn't in the mood for a dance at 7:0m am!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

How did that happen?

Last Night I was in the front room when I heard Ken and Matthew start laughing down the hall. The next thing I heard, was "Look what you did to my bed!!" It was Matthew. I wasn't sure what happened to his bed, but I knew it was was going to be blog worthy because of the comotion it caused. See for yourself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kansas City Stars...again

Back in May I bought 4 tickets to the Lion King for my birthday. Yesterday, 10/25 we went to Kansas City to see the Lion King. It was a really neat musical. I have to say that I have been a little bit spoiled in the other shows I've seen, not that I've seen alot of them, but I felt like the Lion King was not my favorite one. That being said, you should still see it if you have a chance! It was really cool. Below is a musical montage with pictures of our trip to KC yesterday. I have a few more pictures that will be coming soon.

*DISCLAIMER by logging into my blogs and choosing to watch videos and read stories, you have chosen to subject yourself to as little or as much sillyness as I choose to post on said blogs. Also, I have to give credit to Roger Miller for singing the song in the video, "KANSAS CITY STAR" Carry on as usual...

Happy Birthday to me...

So on October 24, I turned sweet 31, and since I don't have any family within 24+ driving hours from here, I decided to celebrate with a few of my girlfriends. We got together on Friday night, ate A TON of good food and decorated candles using beads. I had tierra's for everyone and we were going to be princesses, unfortunately I didn't buy good enough crowns and they were a bust, the party was not though. Here are a couple of pictures.

CJ and Holly decided the blow driers weren't working well enough so they used a real FIRE. Take note of the burn victims they are holding.

Working on heating candles to decorate with beads. My friend CJ brought her blow drier and it put off the hottest heat I've ever felt from a blow drier, caused my candles to MELT, not just soften. It was pretty funny.

Our finished work

White cake with Chocolate Frosting, decorated to look like a crown.

Me and my friends. You wouldn't believe how many pictures we took using the automatic flash to get a couple of good ones through the night. We got alot of laughs from it though.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

For FHE yesterday we carved our pumpkins for Halloween. It was a really nice evening, so we were able to carve them outside. We started when it was still nice and bright out and before Ken was done with his, he had to move into the house. Here are some pics and the final outcomes and the names of each pumpkin. Each carver named their own.

Nicole and Dedra carving the tops
I know it's gross, but I love scooping out the gunk!
Matthew concentrating

Harry Pumpkin
Holly Pumpkin
Fred Pumpkin
Larry, Moe, Curly & Ken Pumpkin
Family Pictures

Monday, October 20, 2008

ER...Now a Reality Show!!

Yesterday when we were eating lunch after church, Ken asked me to feel a bump on his forehead, and asked me if he was getting a zit. He said it was hurting. I took a glance at it and yeah, it's a zit, but it doesn't have a head on it.
Fast forward 4 hours. We were at our friends house and while we were eating dinner, Ben asked Ken what happened to his head, thinking maybe he ran into never know with Ken. :) Liz also said there was a big bump, and sure enough, the little spot that appeared to be a forming zit, was now a spongy lump the size of a quarter. It only took 4 hours! Being the caring wife that I am, I told Ken it was a brain tumor and we finished our dinner.
Around 8:45 pm, Ken was at the ER. We were worried that it was a bite from a Brown Recluse Spider. We have a plethera of Brown Recluse around here and we've seen them in our home AND in the baptismal font at the church while cleaning.
Once Ken was in a room, we called our Bishop and a friend, Ben, and they came down and gave Ken a blessing. Ben disagreed with my diagnosis of a brain tumor and said he came to the ER to get some attention since he lost the game we had played earlier at their home.
By the time the doctor saw Ken, his head was hurting down to his ear. I have a video of the doctor's professional skills as well as the diagnosis, and some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

You can see the bump to the upper left side of his eye.
Ken being checked out by the doctor, Bishop and Ben to the left.

Ben pretending to draw a circle around the swollen area. I offered a sharpie that I had in my purse, but Ken got a little indignant about the offer.
Ken scared about getting 2 shots, one in the arm, one in the bum.

Ken, the nurse and the shots.

"Probably a spider bite, could easily be a Brown Recluse." HAHA!!! Okay, so it's not funny, but it cracked me up anyway. In the end, Ken got his shots, had to stay 15 more minutes for observation, then drove himself home.

I left after he got his shots, which he wouldn't let me take a picture of, so I could let the kids go to bed. You didn't miss anything.

In the night he was restless, and at one point apologized for freaking out. I asked him what he was talking about and he said, "I've decided it might be okay to let some of the puppies into the funeral home." He was hepped on something good!! This morning I checked out his head and it looked the same. That is good news since it didn't get worse. And that's my story!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Today we went to Granny Mae's Pumpkin Patch in Dorrence, Kansas with our friends, the Drapers. We rode a barrell train, went through a haunted forest, as well as a corn maze. The kids got to do a scavenger hunt in a fenced in area of hay. He also went on a hay ride and saw a land of scarecrows while being serenaded by a lady with a guitar. Popular hits were Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Home on the Range, and My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.
The only thing we didn't do was go to the actual pumpkin patch because we already had our pumpkins--thanks to the Drapers who grew extras in their garden. Here are some pictures from our day. It was alot of fun!
Dedra and Liz posing with the poultry farm. I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but the gords are shapped like chickens, and the 2nd one from the right actually has little gords that look like eggs.
Dedra with another gord, what a pretty frame!
Colie with a scarecrow
Dedra and Matthew in a corn field
Our family on top of hay bales that were about 5' tall.
Ken with one of their many scarecrows. The Cheneys & The Drapers getting ready for the hay ride.
Matthew trying to push a cart of pumpkins & gords.
Nicole and Matthew in the scavenger hunt.
The kids begging me to let this be the last picture so we can finally go and eat lunch.