Saturday, November 28, 2009

I will go before your face

DC 84:88 I will go before you face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.

My friend, Ben Draper, photoshopped these 2 pictures together, and I LOVE IT! I just thought I'd share. He explains where the idea came from on his blog. Thanks Ben!

Ceramics Classes at the Rec. Center

My friends Ashley and Liz and I are taking ceramic classes at the Rec. Center. So far  I've painted a Turkey and a Santa.  Ashley and I took a toll painting class and we painted Reindeer.  I never thought I'd enjoy classes at the Rec Center but I LOVE THEM!

Feeling Crafty

We had an enrichment night a weeks ago and painted these blocks say 'Family'.  Often times, I'll walk by the piano and see other words spelled out of these blocks...there is always room for sarcasm.

We had our friends, the Drapers over for Thanksgiving Dinner and when they left, David had spelled the word 'filyma'.  Good times!

Ken's birthday cake.

Ken turned 32 on 11-15. We made his cake.  The kids 'designed' it after looking through a cupcake decorating book.  It was fun to decorate and it tasted good.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

All the updates I've been too lame to post about in the last 4 weeks.  Here's your preview...

Birthdays!!  Happy birthday toooooooo
Rhonda, my sister in law 11-3
Larry, my brother in law 11-5
Garen, my brother 11-6
Rick, my brother in law 11-12
Nolahn, my nephew 11-12
Ken, my husband 11-15
Mom, my mom 11-16

Calamities at our house...
more flu bugs
my computer screen shattered...hence no awesome blog updates
I lost my digital camara...found it today!  HOORAY!
My cell phone got ran over...i think.  not really sure on that one.

Good times recently had...
My birthday 10-24
Ken and I went to Wicked...AWESOME as always!!
Out LAST Halloween as trick or treaters. The kids are DONE!  HOORAY again!
We had a GREAT Stake Conference today

I'll end with a couple of things I've heard from school recently...all quotes from Duncan...age 7.

Principal: Duncan, what happened to your face? (He has a large scratch under his eye)
D: I hit myself in the head with a porcupine.
D: Where's Keith? (1st grade, 6 years old)
Me: At PE
D: Go get him.  Keithy's my dog.  I love dogs.  He's a puppy.
D: Mrs. Cheney!! I have my underwear on today!
D: I'm going to kiss you!
Me: I don't think so

Wrangling Alligators

So I started this post so long ago I'm not even sure I'll get the details correct!  Just in case I leave anything out, you can go here to double check my facts.  At the beginning of fall each year, our local zoo takes all the alligators out of their swamp and moves them to the airport where they sit out the winter in a lovely heated airport hanger.  We were lucky enough to be at the zoo on that day and got to watch them catch the gators.  Below are some pics from the event.  I took video that was too big to upload on blogger and my computer is too lame to put it on YouTube.  If you click on the link mentioned above, you can go to our friends, The Draper's and they have video and good info.  Sorry I'm lame!