Thursday, August 6, 2009

This and That...

Regular happenings...

*The kids are doing good at piano lessons. All of the sudden I am thankful that I waited until they were a little older before I started teaching them. At first I was upset because of how far they COULD be but I'm just really grateful that they are doing well right now.

*We have been going to the library everyday. Please don't get it in your mind that all of the sudden we are a bunch of, not the case. They have free wireless internet and the kids can use the laptops to play Farm Town on Facebook. An excellent time waster indeed. I am glad they are playing a virtual farm instead of a virtual shoot 'em up video game.

Other happenings...

*I am all done school clothes shopping for my kids. I went to 3 thrift stores and a consignment shop (I know, it's a thrift store) and I bought all the kids' clothes for 72 dollars.

*I have gone to the gym 6 days a week for the past 3 weeks and I am beginning to think that it might not be my arch nemisis after all. That doesn't mean that I like it. It just means that I don't HATE it anymore.

*I had 2 days of inservice this week. School starts a week from Monday.

*I killed my aloe vera plant. That is why I did NOT post a picture of it when I got it...because I am a murderer of all horticulture. It's true, I have ruined a fake flower arrangment.

*I am going to be now.


  1. AWESOME!! $72?! Way to go! It's great to hear you are ready for school.

    I may have missed the post, so forgive me if this is answering yet another question about Ken....but how's he doing/feeling? He's been in our thoughts.

  2. School shopping!! This is Cami's first year in school so I get excited when I hear of those getting ready for school also. :)