Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

All the updates I've been too lame to post about in the last 4 weeks.  Here's your preview...

Birthdays!!  Happy birthday toooooooo
Rhonda, my sister in law 11-3
Larry, my brother in law 11-5
Garen, my brother 11-6
Rick, my brother in law 11-12
Nolahn, my nephew 11-12
Ken, my husband 11-15
Mom, my mom 11-16

Calamities at our house...
more flu bugs
my computer screen shattered...hence no awesome blog updates
I lost my digital camara...found it today!  HOORAY!
My cell phone got ran over...i think.  not really sure on that one.

Good times recently had...
My birthday 10-24
Ken and I went to Wicked...AWESOME as always!!
Out LAST Halloween as trick or treaters. The kids are DONE!  HOORAY again!
We had a GREAT Stake Conference today

I'll end with a couple of things I've heard from school recently...all quotes from Duncan...age 7.

Principal: Duncan, what happened to your face? (He has a large scratch under his eye)
D: I hit myself in the head with a porcupine.
D: Where's Keith? (1st grade, 6 years old)
Me: At PE
D: Go get him.  Keithy's my dog.  I love dogs.  He's a puppy.
D: Mrs. Cheney!! I have my underwear on today!
D: I'm going to kiss you!
Me: I don't think so


  1. i love how you specified - Mom, my mom, so we would know exactly who's mom you were referring to. :)
    thanks for the updates!

  2. For a self-proclaimed "lame" blog entry, that last little bit sure made me giggle pretty hard! (Who IS this kid? :)

    P.S. Wow! Your kids are sure getting so big! Where did all the time go?!

    -elise lambson

    p.p.s. my word for the word verification is "poomac"- Heehee (what a silly-sounding nonsense word!)

  3. Happy Be-lated birthday... and man, what's happening to all your modern technology! :)