Thursday, June 3, 2010

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My Dad flew into Wichita on Friday, May 28 to drive me and Nicole back to Washington. Ken had been there for 2 months and Matthew had been gone for 10 days.
Saturday morning some of our closest friends from the Great Bend Ward came and helped us load the truck and brought us snacks for the drive. It was amazing to see them cram all our stuff into a 17 foot truck. It was another tender mercy in our lives.

We got on the road at 11am on Saturday and drove to Rawlins, Wyoming the first night.

As happy as I am to be moving back to Washington to be closer to my family, this sign was the hardest one for me to see. I LOVE KANSAS!! It's not like the Wizard of Oz. Maybe you already know that but I surely didn't when I moved there. I'll say I was pleasantly surprised. The people are amazing. The landscaping is beautiful and I've never seen more beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Anyway, I love Kansas and I already miss my friends that I left behind.

While we were in Colorado we saw a beautiful double rainbow. I didn't think to get a picture of it until a little later, so the 2nd rainbow was faded, but I did get the whole bow on a 2 second video. Too bad my camara doesn't capture the true color!

While we were in Utah, we stopped in to see my sister, Gina. She cut my Dad's hair. We also ate Walmart deli food for lunch on the patio furniture in front of the store. Sadly, my camara was in the truck.
While we were in Idaho, we stopped in Mountain Home and had dinner with my cousin, Darcy. She baked us homemade brownies and they were delicous. We also drove through Meridian and showed Nicole where I lived as a little girl and a few other sites. I loved it, she was making snoring noises.

We got to Oregon late in the evening so the picture isn't so great. We slept in Ontario the 2nd night.

The next day we drove down the Columbia Gorge and crossed into Washington in Vancouver. We arrived in Lacey at 4:45 pm. Our trip took us 3 days and we spent 36 hours in the truck. I'm glad to be all together as a family again.

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  1. Ahhhh.... that's gotta feel good to be out of the car!