Friday, August 8, 2008

Can you balance a spoon on your nose?

It all started when we had the Carlton's and the Stacey's over for New Years Eve and we played spoons. Then, the next night we played spoons with our kids for the activity of FHE. At the end of the 2nd game, one of the kids asked Ken and I if we knew how to balance a spoon on our nose. Neither Ken, nor I could do it, so we practiced...ALOT. Who knew we had that much time on our hands! A couple days later, we balanced the spoons on our nose and the kids took pictures.

Fast forward 5 months ahead, and my sister, Gina, came to visit. The kids asked her if she knew how, and she did, but she said our spoons didn't work very well so she taped a spoon to her nose for our picture.

Now I am here with my sister and we were showing each other our vast talents regarding balancing spoons.

As we were doing this, we wondered if either of our parents had such amazing talents...See the pictures below and decide for yourself.

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