Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tag, I'm it

So I was tagged on Facebook to tell 25 random things about myself. I've chosen to write them here, because I like this forum better. So here goes...

1. When I take pictures of the happenings in my house, if there is a mess, I angle the picture or camara so that the mess can not be seen. Either that, or I hurry and clean up said mess and then try to recreate the picture. I might add that there is pretty much ALWAYS a mess. The word if was unnecessary.

2. I like to drink Marinelli's sparkling cider out of the bottle. I don't want to share it either.

3. I stash money all over my house. Not alot of money, but 2 or 3 dollars here or there. Then when I'm cleaning or looking for something, I come across little surprises along the way.

4. I am a Guitar Hero. I ROCK!

5. I am addicted to my cell phone. I have it with me all the time. I check my email and facebook approx. every 15 minutes. I haven't replied to one of your emails...I must not of received it.

6. I LOVE giving talks in church and teaching lessons. I don't necessarily think I'm the best speaker or teacher, but I love what I learn along the way and I love public speaking. Those were my favorite classes in High School and College.

7. When I was a Junior in High School I wanted to get a tattoo. Thankfully I didn't do it. My friend that I was going to go with went through with it. That was the year I felt like being rebelious. Ironically I never did anything that I regret now. I like that irony!

8. The first time I ever skipped school I was in 2nd grade. I skipped with my big brother, Ryan. He came home from school before I left for school and I told him I was going to tell Mom and Dad if he didn't let me stay with him. I also told him I was sick, I had to sneeze. That day we hid in our coat closet while my Mom and Dad came home for an hour to eat lunch. That evening I told on us both.

9. When I was in High School, I missed approx. 20% of each school year. I would miss atleast one day a week and I'd try to miss more. I like to call that 'optional attendance'. The consequence for that is that I didn't know if I was going to be able to graduate until GRADUATION DAY. (I did graduate.) Also during HS I had to take 11 English Classes because I failed 3 of them. Thank goodness for Alternative High School!

10. I like reading stranger's blogs. Sometimes I comment on their blogs. When they comment back, I feel like they are not strangers anymore.

11. I have assaulted a sherriff, inside a jail--4 months ago. You want details?? I'll save it for another post.

12. I Love Neil Diamond. I've seen him in concert 4 times.

13. I've been kicked out of Toy R' Us. See Jr. Yr. of H.S.

14. Gina and I have had photo shoots at Costco, a Hotel, and many more places. During these photo shoots, we have pretended to be sleeping on beds, we've moved camping equipment around to created a 'scene' , we've gone behind the counter at the hotel to appear to work there, and moved plants and baggage carts to suit our purpose. My Dad and Ken have been our photographers when they are available.

15. I LOVE BLOGGING! I love share funny things going on. I look at things differently, deciding whether or not they are blogworthy. I also like being tagged. I just figure that I'm helping you fill up your 'gee-whiz collection.'

16. I HATE it when people talk loud in the grocery store so that other people can hear what they are saying. They make some comment and then look around to see if anyone is looking. I like the idea of 'seen and not heard' when shopping. Just smile and say thank you when someone chooses not to run into you when they are turning onto your isle.

17. My favorite show on TV is the Office. I love Michael and Dwight Schrute. It's the only show I DVR every week and I'm the proud owner of a couple of seasons, and I look forward to owning the rest of them in the future.

18. I take everything personally. Don't get me wrong, I like to dish it and I can definately take it. I'd be lying though if I said that everything just rolls off my shoulders. For this reason I really do try to filter what comes out of my mouth. If you only knew what I DON'T say.

19. I am a procrastinator. I never wrote a paper for school if I had more than 24 hours to put it off. I was at my best when I only had 5 or 6 hours. My favorite experieince was my last term of college. I had 4 papers due on the last day, each 2 hours apart. I got up at 4am and started typing, turning each paper in minutes before it was due, by email. When I got my grades back, I got 2 A's and 2 B's. I graduated on the Dean's List. I wonder what would have happened it I'd put more effort into my schooling--I'd probably have gotten burned out.

20. Nicole's teacher this year is Blake Shelton's Ex-Wife. That is small town living for you! That being said, I have to add that she is AMAZING. You couldn't ask for a better school teacher, and because we know her and love her so much, Nicole and I have affectionately renamed Blake Shelton to Dirtbag Shelton and invite you to call him that too.

21. I forgot to take treats to Nicole's School when she was celebrating her 6th birthday. In my defense, it was her half birthday since she was born in July. Still I felt like giving myself the mother of the year award for that, especially since all I was doing was NOTHING at the time I was supposed to be at her class.

22. At this very moment I am late picking up my kids from scouts and activity days so I can hurry and finish this post.

23. When I was in 5th grade I super-glued my toes together. DON'T TRY IT!!

24. When I am bored I read the Dictionary and I write my name over and over. I also like to read the labels on cleaning supplies when I am tired of cleaning and need a break.

25. When I was in Young Women's (at church) I could say the theme in one breath. I now know that it was very disrespectful. However, that didn't stop me from seeing if I was still able to--I am.

Sorry for any typos--I have to go get my kids. :)

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