Friday, January 1, 2010

Accomplishments and Resolutions...

If you'll remember a year ago, I shared that I am kind of anti-New Years resolutions. I typically just try to do new things and stretch myself a little bit. Here are a few things I did this year, that I had never done before...

I went to Oklahoma and Texas. (I LOVE Oklahoma City!)

I entered pictures into the county fair.

I started working at a new school with EMH (Educable Mentally Handicapped) special ed. children.

I cooked a ham...twice.

I started wearing contacts.

Our cat had kittens...I'd never seen/or been a part of the experience before. (It's WAY over rated.)

I survived having a flat tire. (I could have died you know!)

I touched an alligator.

I learned a little bit of photo was only useful for mocking my friends on facebook.

I took classes at the rec center on ceramics and toll painting. I will be doing that again in the future.

That's all I could come up with. I feel like I am missing a few things, but as you can see, my new experiences weren't anything special...just new to me.

This year I am also going to set some resolutions. 3 that I thought of on my own, and 1 that I am stealing from a friend.

My 3 resolutions...

#1 Visit 3 new states.
#2 Make a pumpkin pie from scratch...I'm also going to grow the pumpkin.
#3 is something that I try to do all the time, but I have to recommit every so often...
Never tell my kids no, when I can say yes. Sometimes no just comes out before I even think about it.

My stolen resolution...
Start what I finish. You can read Kate's blog for more information.

I hope to make my 3 states...Illinois, South Dakota and Pennsylvania.

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  1. PA is a good state to visit. You can stay at my house and we can take you to Pittsburgh. It's less than an hour from here. We can take you to a little cheese shop and get samples of drunken goat cheese. It's surprisingly good. We could actually meet too. I don't think it counts when I was only 1, Kate and Marget live right in town. Yup I'd say Pa is a winner.