Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Robert Kenneth Cheney. January 10, 2002. 1:35pm to 3:15pm. He would be 8 years old. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!


  1. Happy birthday, Robert!

    Dedra, I wish I could put into words how much his life (and yours) has touched our hearts.

    It's amazing how little time he spent on this earth yet made such a huge impact on so many people...even those of us who never met him.

    We have all been blessed by your clear, undeniable testimony that even with the ache of missing him right now, FAMILIES ARE FOREVER.

    His life helped our entire family when we grieved for Hannah. On many occasions your sharing of your family's experiences helped us. I know many many others who would say the same thing.

    Please know your entire family is greatly loved. Thank you for example and for sharing this blog post. You truly are a beautiful family.

  2. Hello Sis. Cheney. I just happened to be scrolling thru blogs (mine's here somewhere) and came upon yours. I'm LDS as well. Your post moved me. Yes, families are forever. Ain't it grand? My Jewish stepfather (he was "ours" for over 30 years) was baptized at 92, rec'd his patriarchal blessing at 94 and his endowments at 95. The Gospel is a grand plan for which I give thanks each and every day. May God bless you and yours, my sweet sister.