Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got Snow?

First REAL snow of the season. We woke up this morning to 3 1/2 inches of snow outside. I LOVE IT! This picture was taken while it was still snowing. (obviously) It will probably melt this weekend but that's okay. I have a plan to build a snowman before it melts so we can have one on the green lawn. Those are my favorite kind.


  1. Awesome! We got about an inch two days ago. We are expeting a storm tonight that, in theory, should mean snow for two days! I'll post a picture if it actually happens!

  2. We have lots of snow now, too, along with the lovely Idaho arctic winds! I'm sending you a Christmas card and want to make sure I have the right address. I know you moved to GB. Do you live on Hemlock? Also, would you mind sending me an email? I think my email for you is outdated since it keeps coming back to me. Thank You!