Monday, March 1, 2010

Since I last posted...

Here is a timeline of the of last month or so...

January 28 We found out that my Mom has breast cancer again. It has spread to 7 different bones in her body, including her sholuder, arm, ribs, spine, pelvis and chin. It is also attacking her thyroid.

February 3 My sister had a birthday milestone. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY WENDI! I love you so much!

More information came regarding my Mom's cancer and her condition worsed.

Ken interviewed for a job in Lacey Washington. (He started March 22.)

We are moving back to Washington, to be closer to family.

February 11, My nephew, Joshua turned 10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!

February 24, My nephew, Mark turned 7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!

Sometime between my nephews' birthdays, my Mom was admitted into the hospital because he oxygen level was really low. She had a tumor on her thyroid that was making it difficult for her to breathe.

February 25, I tried to call my mom 3 times to left her know Ken was a job and we would be moving closer to home so I can help her and be closer to my family.

February 25, My Dad got home from work and Mom wasn't doing well so they took her to hispital for IVs and Oxygen.

She didn't need oxygen. Her liver was shutting down rapidly.

February 25, 2010 around 8 pm Charlet Ann Anderson passed away at the age of 62.

February 26, 3:30 am, we left Kansas and drove 29 hours straight to get to Bremerton. We picked Gina up in Utah on the way.

Minus the birthdays, February was kind of a crappy month.

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  1. Good thing it is such a short month.I wouldn't want to see what else could happen in a few more days.You are in our prayers.