Thursday, May 13, 2010


1. What part of Washington are you moving too? Lacey-it's on the I-5 corridor.

2. How far is Lacey from your Dad? About an hour and ten minutes.

3. What type of work will Ken be doing? The same-he is a mortician. Yes, he does do the embalmings. No, he doesn't think its gross. No, I don't either.

4. Will Ken be flying back to help you move? No, my Dad is flying in on the 28th. We'll drive the moving van back-towing the car behind.

5. Do you have a house yet? YES! (in Lacey, where we are moving too :D)

6. Are you excited for the move? I don't know. Its bitter sweet.

Nicole has packed Matthew's bag and is counting down the days until he leaves for WA. An 11 day long 'girl's time' is what she is looking forward too.

Today when we drove by the cemetery, Matthew said out the window-greetings dead earthlings. We come in peace.

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  1. I laughed so hard when I saw Matthew's comment on facebook - LOVE IT!