Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We are moving to Washington in 25 days. Ken has been there since April 2. I'm feeling excited and sad about the move. Here are a few things I have failed to blog about since he left...

We've had cereal for dinner 8 of the last 35 days.

I'm having bad dreams.

I like calling Nicole Roylane Cheney 'Roy'.

Matthew wore the same socks for a week straight. He loved them so much he wore them out in less than 4 months. I've thrown them away.

My favorite shoes are yellow maryjanes I got on clearance at Walmart for 5 dollars.

I've written on my journal everyday since Ken left. (That is where I'm getting the information for this post)

I taught my kids how to play B.S. (bologna sandwiches)

Matthew won 2nd in the pinewood derby.

Nicole did awesome in her band concert.

I'm working on doing Personal Progress again. I love it!

Matthew got braces.

Nicole and I have put together 5 1000 pIece puzzles and 2 550 piece puzzles.

I had my half birthday.

My house is almost all packed.

Quote from a kid at school-I can't write my alphabet. My feet are killing me.

The kids and I made butter. It was good on noodles with garlic.

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