Monday, September 6, 2010

I am trying to teach myself Spanish. I'm doing it by reading the Book of Mormon Spanish, then English-one verse at a time. I'm LOVING it and I actually think it's working. When I finish the BOM, I'll subscribe to the Liahona in Spanish to learn more vocabulary.

In other news...
*School starts on Wednesday.
*I made the best cookies EVER today.
*Ken fractured his #4 Lumbar (vertebrate ?). He's going to be okay though. Light duty for a few weeks and a few Dr Appts and he'll be ornery as ever.
*I'm looking for the perfect color to paint my bedroom. I'm thinking something tropical. Suggestion?
*My favorite President is Abraham Lincoln. I'm reading another book about him right now. He's fascinating!

Good night for now. Sorry no pictures...again.
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  1. One of the best Abraham Lincoln books is "Lincoln the Unknown" by Dale Carnegie (sometimes you'll find it titled "The Unknown Lincoln"). Anyway, if you can find it, it is great.

  2. That's awesome the way you're trying to teach yourself Spanish! Very John Groberg-ish of you. Good luck in that endeavor!

    I'm jealous of those cookies, but excited that you posted the recipe- I'll have to try them soon!

    School is just barely starting for you guys? Criminy, we've been at it for almost a month now :P

    And I think you should go with a Caribbean blue (like a light turquoise or teal kind of color...) As fun as many of the other tropical colors are (like mango orange or banana yellow or sunset red or a floral kind of pink or fuchsia), I don't think they are as good for a bedroom as a tropical ocean blue-green...

    There's my two-cents (times 10, haha). Enjoy!