Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is it bad when....

This morning at 6 when I was waking Nicole and Matthew up for school Matthew responded to my morning greeting with, 'Is it bad if my eye is so swollen shut that I can't open it?' I told him it was definately not a good thing. I quickly went to the store to buy benedryl (and batteries for my dead camara).

Matthew was stung by a bee yesterday during P.E. They asked him over and over if he was allergic and he told them no...which is kind of true. His breathing was not affected. He was stung by a yellow jacket about a month ago for the first time. We got home and I gave him a shot of Nyquil. It had the histamine blocker, pain killer and knocked him out for 3 hours as a bonus. When he woke up he didn't even remember he was stung. (this ad is brought to you by Nyquil.) Apparantly I should have done that for him again yesterday.

This picture doesn't give his eye justice. It swelled up to the size of a golfball.


  1. My mother got stung this year on her eye. She looked like someone had beat her up.Black and blue. I sure hope it goes away quickly for you and him.

  2. I love it how he still has a big cheesy grin on his face. :)