Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This and That...

Although life is busy right now because we are moving next week, it seems like we have nothing "blog worthy" going on. So I'll just tell you what has been going on and then share some funny pictures that don't relate to my stories! Welcome to my life.

Last night I went to Enrichment at the church. That is when all the ladies from church get together once a quarter, have dinner together and then discuss things that help us be better homemakers, teachers, women... Last night we learned about Pressure Cookers. It was awesome! The dinner we ate was all made in pressure cookers, even the dessert, and it was all delicious. I learned alot, including that I can make more than rice and mashed potatoes in my pressure cooker...who knew?! As a bonus, I was talking to Gloria Seifkes after the class, and telling her about my ancient pressure cooker that I got at a goodwill for $1.00, and she gave me one of her newer, safer ones! Thanks Gloria! What a surprise that was.

While I was in this class, Ken and Ben Draper were the priesthood holders in the bulding and they were watching the kids. During the class, Ken told our kids if they would be good, we could go to ice cream after we left. Of course they were good with an offer like that, and after church we went to Braums with the Drapers and Jessica Zink. It was so fun! We just talked and laughed and enjoyed good ice cream. When Ken and I were on the way home with the kids, we talked about how fun that was and he commented that we haven't gone out with friends in a few years! We hope to be able to do it again sometime.

Now for a random picture....this is Ken and I at our Graduation in 2006. As I have been packing our house, I have come across old CDs of pictures that I have lacked to print out and scrapbook. This is one of those pics.

Nicole came home from school on Monday and announced that she was selected to be a part of the Great Bend School District Youth Choir. Last week she had a 5 minute audition with come of the music teachers. They had her sing scales, a couple of popular songs, and tested her to see if she knew any of her notes. (which she does) Then they had her sing the same songs again and tried to mess her up, but she kept going. Her determination paid off, and she is now in the choir. She is very excited and so are we. Be assured that when they perform in December, there will be a post with video.

Now another random picture...this is Nicole and Matthew 2 or 3 years ago playing on our washer and dryer when we lived in the apt. in Troutdale. I remember this day very clearly. I told Nicole to unload the dishwasher and Matthew to rotate the laundry while I was going through old clothes. I didn't hear work in the kitchen and I hadn't seen a new load of laundry in a little while, so I went to find them and here they were...funny little kids. I just took the picture, told them to finish their game and then get their jobs done. How often do you get to play games in a laundry closet. haha

Ironically, this picture might now be as random as I originally thought! Take note of the lovely washer that Nicole is sitting on. The blasted thing died last week!! Ken and I are the proud owners of a brand new set. We didn't get anything fancy, but we sure love the new ones. The capacity is a 1 1/2 times bigger than the old ones, so I got all the laundry for the week done in 5 loads instead of 8. That was good news. The other good news is Nicole LOVES doing the laundry right now because of the new set.

Random picture #3...One day I was checking my email and Matthew was trying to get my attention. He was saying, "Hey Mom, look at me! Take my picture. When I turned to him, there he was smiling, and hurting my face because I didn't know how that could possibly feel good... For fun, it will probably show up on my other blog too, because this picture is truly worth 1000 words!

As for another news at the Cheney house, We are thankful for all of our friends and family. We love all of you very much and hope that you are all doing well. Thanks for reading my blog.

Last random picture is actually a video. 3 years ago at Christmas Ken, Matthew and our friend Kevin were talking about how hard it is to eat 10 saltine crackers in 1 minute. There are actually world wide competitions to accomplish this. So we decided to try it ourselves. This video is full of alot of giggling and cracker crumbs flying, but I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I watched it this morning, and I laughed as hard as I did the day I videoed for the first time. My favorite part is at 1:17 when Kevin spits cracker crumbs all over my Mom's kitchen floor. Luckily she was in her bedroom when we did this.

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