Thursday, July 23, 2009

Floating the River...or not

Our next door neighbors have been giving us TONS of cucumbers this last couple of weeks. I hate cucumbers. I have cut them up and soaked them in vinegar. I've put them on my salads and dipped them in ranch. They are one of those food that you don't even want to chew up if you taste it, I'd rather just spit it out on my plate. However, I also don't want ot be wasteful.

The other day I called my Mom after they brought us 15 more in a grocery bag and asked her what I could do with them. She reminded me of when we used to make cucumber boats in Idaho and float them down the stream near our house. So that is what we did with 3 of them after we had a 15 minute flash flood the other day. It provided just enough water to give us a nice little 'stream' in front of the house.

We hallowed them out and stuck army guys in them. Nicole contrubited Cinderella's mice and Bruno.

They really do float!

...unless you push it down with your foot, and then it will capsize.
**no army guys, mice or dogs were harmed in this activity.

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