Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today is my Sister, Heather's birthday. She is #3 of the 8, and my next oldest sibling. She's 4 1/2 years older than me and growing up I idolized her.

From the time I was a young girl I always remember sharing a room with Heather and sometimes Wendi also. I remember when they included me in playing house. I don't remember much of the game, but I do remember when Wendi brought pizza into our bedroom and the 3 of us ate it. I felt like a big kid.

When I was a little older, Heather and I would play beauty shop in my mom's in-home beauty salaon. We would do each other's hair and make-up. I would get to do her hair first and I would do my very best work on her make up. When it was my turn, I would make her promise NOT to put mascara my eyebrows..AGAIN! (Like she did everytime.) Each time she would promise and I'd sit still while she her 'magic.' After I had my mascara on, I'd think I was done and then it would happen. She'd say, hold one, almost done and then I'd feel it...the mascara brush going through my eyebrows! I'd get mad at her, she'd laugh histerically. I'd tell on her, my mom would remind me that I didn't have to let her put the make up on me and then I'd be sad with ugly makeup and caked on eyebrows.

About 3 years ago I was at my Mom and Dad's house and Heather, Gina and I were staying up late in Gina's room, going through her stuff and listening to her music. I was doing my own makeup this night and I saw that Gina had clear mascara. I tried ito n my eyelashes and then for the good old time (IT WAS CLEAR REMEMBER) I applied it to 1 eyebrow. You couldn't tell a difference, but the feeling of the brush going through my brow brought back everything. I reminded Heather of that and Gina asked us to explain. Before I could, Heather told her the whole story about how I would make her hold still everytime we did makeup and I'd put it in her eyebrows...LIES!!! It was a fun time though...both when we were kids and that night 3 years ago.

When we were teenagers, we still shared a bedroom. We had many adventures in our room.

*We had pillows that spoke to us. Heather's pillow was Gomez, mine was Gessepi. They spoke in Italian/Mexican voices. When one of us would lay down on the pillow, our pillow would yell for help. We always laughed...I'm laughing right now thinking about it.

*One evening while talking about tatoos, one of us said that we had a tattoo. The other wanted proof. We'll call one of 'A' and the other 'B'. This way we are both incriminated but you don't know which one did what. haha!

A: I sometimes think about getting a tattoo.
B; I already have one!
A: No you don't...where is it? I want to see!
B: It's on my bum. Turn the light off and I'll show it to you.
A: ok. (A turns off the light, hears funny sounds in the dark, B turns the light back on)
B: See...just like I told you.

A then looks at B's bum and see a crooked smiley face that was hastily drawn on with a purple crayola marker.

* The bedroom that Heather and I shared was at one end our house and our parent's room was at the other end. We had 2 telephone lines in our home because of all the kids, my dad wanted to make sure he could get a hold of my mom. Sometimes late at night, we would listen to our music loud and if it was bothering my dad, he would call us from his room. We'd hear the phone ring in the hall right outside our door...and we'd ignore it. After about 15+ rings, we'd hear from down the hall 'ANSWER THE DA#% phone!' Heather would then calmly open the bedroom door, answer the phone and say, 'Any boy calling us this late at night is not worth talking to!' and then she'd hang up. 5 seconds later, Dad was in our room, telling us to turn the radio down. (SORRY DAD...AgAiN!)

After Hea (hay) got married, she would come over to our home many mornings after her husband went to work. I had graduated from HS and was doing my best to sleep in as often as possible. Many mornings I was woken up to her coming into my room and laying right on top of me, telling me to wake up because she was bored. IT got uncomfortable once she started to show in her pregnancy. HA HA

All growing up I only wanted to be like Heather. I would steal her clothes, try to fix my hair like hers, I wanted to hang out with her when her friends came over, and so on. I have looked up to her my whole life.

Now that we are adults I still look up to her but for different reasons. I love having spiritual conversations with her. I am envious of her knowledge of the gospel. We still love to laugh and joke and I am thankful that I have her as my sister and my friend. Heather, I hope you had an AWESOME Birthday! I love you and I miss living close. If I lived there, for your birthday I would take you to Azteca for toquitoes and rice and then Cold Stone afterwards. I'm sorry I'm not there. We'll go in January!

I have no new pictures of us together. I have a 'helper' working on that, so stay tuned for picturesin the NEAR future.


  1. this whole thing cracks me up so much. I love old Heather stories. she's crazy funny.

  2. That's a really nice post, Dedra. I hope it doesn't go to Heather's head! J/K

  3. happy birthday! my panda fanatic roommate got a Morn Creations bag as birthday gift.
    she is just thrilled with it!
    Flor (

  4. Oh my gosh lol Are you A and heather B??? I can so see heather doing something like drawing a happy face on her bum. lol

    I remember that night we all stayed up and talked. It was so fun! I miss you!

  5. Gina, you miss ME? or Ded. Pretty sure it's me.

  6. ahhhh memories.
    Dedra fun read, and very sweet.

    You better not wait another year to write a post all about me.

    Why don't you do that right now.

    Quit whatever you are doing and get typing.