Wednesday, July 1, 2009

small talk

Today while Nicole and I were doing the dishes together we got to visit alot.  Here are a couple of our short conversations.
Nicole: Mom, I'm glad you're not like Cinderella's wicked stepmother.
Me: How come?
Nicole: You'd make me work all day and then I still couldn't go to the pool later.  Also, she's really ugly! (2 points for my best girl!!)
Nicole: Mom? Is it hard being the Mom?
Me: Yes, it is sometimes.
Nicole: Why?
Me: It takes alot of work and sometimes the kids aren't always happy with you or the work you've done, the pay is lousy and you do it because you want to.
Nicole: You even have to do it when you don't want.  Just like I don't want to clean my room, but I have to.
Me: That's right.
I love her and her insights.  What a sweet girl she is.


  1. I love it how sometimes our kids remind us of the sweet things in life, and even enlighten us at times. That was so cute.

  2. That is great. Nicole is a sweet kid!!

  3. Hey Dedra! I saw your blog on Carina Anderson's. She's here in Grandview, you know and we're still here. It's great to see your family pics. Your kids are so big! Believe I have three? :)