Saturday, October 3, 2009

Memory Lane

I'm a para at an elementary school and I work in a special ed classroom. We have children in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grade. Throughout the day, we take each grade group to the regular ed classroom for different subjects such as Music, P.E., Social Studies, Science and Handwriting. Our 1st grader also gets to go for story time.

In the 4th grade class, they are making timelines of their life. It's really neat to see the children tell about the events in their lives that are important to them, as 9 year olds. It is also sad to see the children from my class who have no memory of yesterday, let alone what they did in 1st grade or even last week!

I've decided to share a couple of memories from when I was in elementary school. If you don't really care...stay tuned, I have some funny pictures I'll be posting in a little bit.

Kindergarten...I went to Kindergarten at Meridian Primary in Meridian, Idaho. My teacher was Mrs. Dahl. I remember getting up on my first day of school and I my Mom took my picture in front of the curtains in the 'Blue Room'. I walked to school with a girl who's Grandma lived down the street. That winter when the snow was finally starting to melt, I remember walking home from school and falling down on my rear no less than 20 times. My friends and I would make it a goal to take 5 steps without falling. Sometimes we walked in homeowners grass, but there was a really mean guy who always yelled at us, so we stayed out of his yard. One day I fell 3 times walking back his house. My teacher gave us grahama crackers with frosting everyday for snack and our own carton of milk. I only went to school half-day so that was very exciting to me. I remember that last day of school. I didn't know it was the last day until we was hugging us all goodbye and one little girl gave our teacher a gift. I told her I would bring her a gift the next day but she said school was over and I wouldn't be able to.

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