Saturday, October 3, 2009

Random Happenings

I was going through my pictures this morning and I came across some events that I never blogged about. Some of these are almost a year old, but they are blogworthy.

Meet David. I love him! He is one of the cutest and sweetest little boys I've ever known. If we have a daughter in the next little while, I would want him to marry her. Not only is David cute and sweet, he is also very talented. You see, David has a knack for finding things we didn't know we had and them using them in anyway he feels like it. For instance...
We didn't know we had any paintballs! We had a bunch of them, but David came over one time and decided it would be fun to walk on them, on a blanket we had. We ended up getting rid of the rest of them and the blanket did come clean. Fast forward 1 month. We had a New Years Eve Party. When David's Mom and Dad walked in the house, one of the first things they asked was if we had any paintballs and we assured them that we had gotten rid of them.
We were in the middle of playing a game when we were interupted by Nicole yelling, Oh NO! David hit the brand new TV with a paintball!! It was true. He found a paintball that was deep in outerdarkness (probably under Matthew's bed or the couch) and threw it at the television.
I cleaned all the paint off and the tv was good as new. A little side note about this tv...3 weeks before this party, Ken had decided he wanted to go to Walmart to buy some chips and salsa. It was about 10 in the evening. When he came home an hour later, he had a new television and no chips and salsa...nice

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