Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adam Adam bo Badam Banana Fana Fo Fadam....

I started writing this yesterday and after I lost is TWICE I called Adam and told him I'd try again here goes something! (This is now day THREE and my 2nd time tonight...UG!)

This post is to wish my little brother Adam a HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!

Adam is #6 out of 8. I am #4 so we have 1 sibling (a brother) between us. This is how my first memory of Adam goes...

I was sitting on the couch with my Mom and Dad and they were telling me that I was going to have a new baby brother. One of them said I wasn't going to be the baby anymore. (They were talking about Garen.) The next thing I know, Garen has been in my life forever (I don't remember when he was born OR being the youngest.) and I was sent to the Cherry's. (A family in the ward) While I was there, either right before bed or right when I woke up, I got a call from my Dad telling me Gina was NOT born, it was a boy and his name is Adam. YEA! No little sisters yet! (see 4 years later :) )

Other memories I have of my 2nd little brother...

When we lived in Vancouver and Adam lived in Long Beach he would come over fairly often for breakfast or lunch. If he was ever in the area, he'd stop by. I LOVED this because we haven't lived near family in over 8 years and I MISS that so much. One specific day Adam came into town and we went to OMSI after the kids went to school. That place is WAY MORE FUN withOUT the kids.

Since I am scared of losing this post yet AGAIN, it is going to be shorter.

Adam, 3 days after your birthday I want to tell you that I love you! I'm glad you're my brother. I love hanging out with you and talking to you on your commute. I'm so happy for you and Cassie! Your new baby is beautiful and I know you'll be a great Dad. I hope your birthday was everything you wanted!

sorry, no pics, blogger is LAME!

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  1. Very cool! You have such an awesome way of sending happy wishes to loved ones!