Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This and That Volume 3

It seems that for the last 2 1/2 weeks or so I've felt a little burnt out on blogging. Instead of trying to add a post for each thing that I didn't tell you about I'm going to copy my friend Kate and just give you a list of notable events...

*May 22 was our last day of school. YAHOO!! The kids and I are so excited for the break.

~We bought a used swimming pool--3 1/2 feet deep and 14 inches in diameter. When we filled it in the back yard we noticed that land is not as level as we thought. So we drained the near 3000 gallons of water in the backyard and I'm digging a 14 x 14 whole, 4 inches down so we can level the ground and try again. It should be ready to be refilled TONIGHT!

>We have been living in a hotel room since Friday. Ken was called out of town last week and we followed him when school was out. We are going home today.

! I've been informed that bull snakes will most likely show up in my back yard this summer. If you know me AT ALL, you might know that this is a deal breaker and I will NOT be living in this home for a very long time. I asked the neighbor how to get rid of them and she said we just have to kill them with a shovel. Everyone pray that if a snake shows up, it is when Ken is HOME. I do not consider myself helpless. I can handle A LOT infact, but I do not do snakes. (I just tried to pull a site up to link to the type of snake but a picture popped up and seriously freaked me out. Look them up on your own if you're interested!)

+ I am surprised to tell you that I do not hate baby cats. Don't get confused into thinking that I like them, but I don't hate them! When we get home today their eyes shold be open. The kids are excited for that. I'm looking forward to giving them away in 5-7 weeks. Does anyone want a little orange furball? 3 boys and 2 girls are available.


  1. I think the snakes would be a deal breaker for me too. Maybe since your neighbor is so knowledgable in the ways of killing them, they can do the honors. :) Do they come in the house? arrgghhhh. that would freak me out BIG TIME!!! I had a heck of a time with the mice in our old apartment - cats are useless. (apartment cats, anyways.)

    good luck and I hope Ken has fun chopping those snakes up.


  2. I am with you on the snakes! And that's whats so fun about blogging. You can do it whenever you want and however you want. We just love to know what's going on in your lives. :)