Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pinewood Derby and Powder Puff Races

Yea for Ken's computer at work..because of it, I have PICTURES!!

Each year at 'Pinewood Derby Season' our ward also hold a powder puff race for the little girls, age 8-11. Last year it was held on a separate night at the Daddy/Daughter Date. This year they held both races on the same night and made it a 2 hour event.

Since Ken has been out of town so much in the last 5 weeks I was the parent who helped the kids come up with weights to make the car heavier. Because we don't have a vast supply (or ANY supply) of washers and nuts/bolts, I suggested to the kids that they use pennies. What will they use to fasten the pennies to their cars you ask? Why scotch tape, of course! What else?

Last night we got the church, armed with light weight cars, a pocket full of pennies and a dispoable dispenser of tape, weighed the cars and then went to taping the pennies in place. VOILA! Pinewood Derby and Powder Puff cars!

Nicole won 2nd place in the Powder Puff race. There were 6 cars total. She was excited and loves her pink trophy.
9 boys raced in the Pinewood Derby. The first race that Matthew's car was in was a nightmare. We taped too many coins to the bottom of the car and dragged along the track, coming to an abrupt stop less than halfway from the end. YIKES! Total meltdown in about 7 seconds if we don't fix it FAST! Luckily the judges had mercy on my little cub scout and let him revamp it. (I thought he shold have just lost, but I'm grateful as well.)
Ben Bates helped Matthew fix his car. All the pennies were removed and were strategically replaced on the top of the car. This time instead of scotch tape (which was deamed UNlucky) Ben used black Duct Tape.

Matthew ended up smoking the boys in the last 3 races. There was a 4 way tie, the reraced each all the cars 4 more times and Matthew ended up as the winner. I wasw actually hoping he would get last place so I could title this post "My Best Boy with the Worst Car" but we still have next year. lol

Matthew's car during the race. There are no other cars in the picture because he was so far ahead...

Nicole's car barely ahead in the final race.

Kiddos with their trophies. Congrats to ALL the participants on the derby this year.


  1. I love pine wood derby's! And the cars your kids made look awesome!

  2. A photo finish for Nicole's race! Looks like they had fun. :)

  3. That is the AWESOMEST!! I love that you guys did this. (I always wanted to when I was little). Nicole and Matthew are bot positively beaming! And what fabulous derbies!!