Friday, May 1, 2009


We spent last weekend in Emporia Kansas. Ken had been there since Wednesday, working at a Funeral Home, and we went over Friday after school and stayed with him until he was done on Sunday at noon. It was a pretty relaxing and totally laid back couple of days.

We went bowling while we were there. We all got really low scores and I think we made over 30 gutter balls collectively in the hour that we played. BUT, we all had good sportsmanship and it was as fun as bowling can be! The kids and Ken loved it, I enjoyed watching the gutter get so many of the balls.

On Saturday night we were in a Tornado warning. Luckily none of them touched down where we were, although there was some damage about 50 miles east. Sunday morning we were in the clear but Great Bend was woken up at 6am by the sirens. I was grateful that I was NOT there for that. Sadly, we did have to drive home through the storms. We were really blessed thoguh. IT seemed like the beat each storm by 10 or 15 minutes. They were just south of us, or we somehow missed them. Nicole took a video of some of the rain while I was driving. Ken was in front of us. The only reason I could see anything was because he had his hazards on (I had mine on for the car behind me and so forth) AND thank goodness for the solid white line on the side of the road. Once the trucks decided to pull over and wait the storm out it was less stressful, but still a scary drive for about 50 miles...sorry if the video makes you a little dizzy. p.s. I just watched the clip and I can actually see the road better on this video than I could when I was driving...

I'm just glad we made it home safe! It was a super fun trip.

More posts to come...I think 4 more. They'll be here by the end of the weekend. ttfn

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