Sunday, May 3, 2009

Excuses Excuses!

Okay, so as you can see there AREN'T 4 more posts like I previously mentioned. There are 2 reasons for that...#1, my computer is LAME! Don't buy dell laptops! I bought this in December and it has seriously been nothing but trouble. Reason #2 has a little bit to do with reason #1, it takes so long to upload video (which I also blame internet connection...alltel) that I don't have the patience to blog.

I'm also feeling a little burnt out on blogging for the time being. I'm not quitting and I AM going to update, I just need to find some time that I can do it at Ken's office with a good computer and faster internet.

Now that I've griped, here are some goings on at the Cheney's...

1. I made Nicole a new dress tonight. I was going through all of my fabric tonight and she asked if I would make her a spring dress. I of course said yes and then didn't have a pattern to use, so I made one up. It's a rather cute dress but the problem with using remnant fabrics and not using a pattern is sometimes you resemble a court jester's girl friend...that it was this dress looks like. She loves it though. If she wears it tomorrow and I can get over my pride, I'll post a picture of my little jester in training. I actually think it would make a nice Halloween Costume...yikes!

2. Summer break starts in 19 days!!

3. Ken was offered a new job in a town about 4 hours from here. Although it would have been a step up from the job he has now, we have prayed about it and he has turned it down. It looks like Great Bend is stuck with us until further notice.

4. I slept in my contacts again today during my nap...BAD IDEA.

5. My kids have rebelled against bedtime...little free thinkers! (Stinkers) They've been up until sometime between 9 and 10:30 everynight this week. That's a far cry at 7:30!

6. Today is my little brother's birthday. Adam is 27 I think...I'll check with him. I'm going to add an extra dose of lame and wait until tomorrow to write his special birthday blog. Since my kids didn't sleep until 10:30, and I'm falling asleep writing this, I've lost my window for writing AWESOME blogs.

Until tomorrow! ttfn.

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