Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stupid Questions...

I've heard all my life when attending school and seminars that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I don't believe that at this point in my life. I'm not sure if my kids need more academics this summer (4 horus a day at the school must not be enough) or if they are becoming vegetables, but here are a few examples of MANY I've heard lately, that I whole heartedly believe are stupid questions...

Child: (after touching a door knob at a friends house asked) How do I open the door?
Me: Turn the knob!

Child: (Holding an armful of siblngs toys) Where does this go?
Me: In your brother's/sister's bedroom.

Child: Where should I put Dad's scriptures?
PAUSE FOR A MINUTE!! We have been reading scriptures as a family...periodically at times...since the kids were BORN! In every home we have EVER lived in, they have always gone in the SAME PLACE!

Me: Are you really even asking me this question?
Child: Yes! I don't know where they go.
Me: Please put them on Dad's night table. AND please don't ever ask me that question again as long as you live!

Child: Do I have to use soap when I wash the dishes?

Child: How come we have to change our clothes EVERYDAY?

Child: Wouldn't it be better if you let us watch TV and play Xbox all day, instead of waiting until 4?

Child: Can I baptize Baylee? (She's our cat.) We'll be having another FHE lesson on priesthood authority and I'll throw in a little side note about baptizing animals...that side note will be that we don't do it!

Child: Are we going to feed ________? (Insert child's sibling there.)

Child: Mom, do you want to play catch with me?
Me: Sure, I'll be out in just a few minutes.
Child: Can I stand on the roof and throw my football from there?
Me: Are you serious? REALLY?

Okay, so I realize I sound a little bit cranky. I'm actually not! I think I'm in total shock that so many questions, and many Many MANY more have come out of the mouths of my two babes recently.

I will say that I'm sure (I hope anyway) that part of it is just a stalling tactic to keep them from getting jobs done.

Has anyone else experienced this, this summer?



  1. One Question from me now: Can I pick your nose?

  2. i'm just getting the "what's that", or what are you doing mommy' question ALL THE TIME from the 2 year old.