Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Famdango

Meet Ken. He is an Embalmer/Funeral Director. He LOVES to stay up late and watch television shoes that he's DVR's. When his shows aren't over and he's still not tired he will do the laundry and play Xbox. He doesn't have a serious bone in his body unless he's working with a grieving family. Often times when I ask him a question or make a request, he takes on the character of a mentally challenged person. He either pretends he doesn't know what I am talking about or makes fun of me. Although it bugs me when he takes this character on while we are trying to have serious discussion, I can't help but laugh because it cracks me up. He especially enjoys doing this when we have guests in our home.

Below is a video, that is NOT rehearsed or redone so I could get it on video. I was simply recording my kids and then turned to look at him and this is what he did...sigh.

This is Nicole. She was sitting in my room when I was taking videos and so I asked her if she wanted me to tape her. She said sure. You will see that there really isn't anything special about the following video. Nicole had a fever of 102.4 when I taped this. I'm actually posting it because everytime I look at my girl, I can't believe how pretty she is, and I wanted to show everyone her fantastic smile. She is my dream come true for a daughter. I LOVE HER!!

Lastly, my best boy, Matthew. He is smart and funny and a class clown. He gets in trouble at school because he makes jokes behind the teacher's back. Although I don't aprove of him being a class clown, I'm not surprised. Ken and I guessed his lot in school life before he entered the nursury at church. Below is a little clip. When yo uwatch it, think bobble head. I'm one proud mom!


  1. What a fun family Dedra... seriously humor is some of the best medicine. Cute fam!

  2. Oh my gosh! Ken is really one of the funniest men I know! And yet, I can totally see how sensitive he would with a grieving family when it's needed. I also appreciate how he's funny yet incredibly respectful.

    One thing I miss about seeing you guys is how much you would laugh and enjoy each other. It's a great thing.

    As for your kids, they have a confidence that comes from knowing their Mom absolutely adores them. That's irreplacable and says a lot about you.

  3. LOL! Boy I miss you guys! You're like the mormon Connor's with your humor! Hopefully that doesn't offend. It's meant to be a compliment. I love the Connor's humor. BTW, love the new blog background!