Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Highlights from Matthew's Birthday...

Matthew wanted Steak and French Fries for dinner, so that's what he got. I think he was hoping for the Applebees variety, but this tasted a lot better.
Matthew is an airplane FANATIC! He knows a ton of stuff about aviation and what he doesn't know, he has no problem making up as he goes along. This is his cake. I just looked at alot of pictures on google at airports and made it up. When he looked at it he informed me that it's a taxi-way and a landing pad. I knew about the landing pad. MAF is the code for his Airport...Matthew's Air Field.

It was a fun night. He loved the gifts he recieved and after we were done with cake, we rushed him over to the church for Cub Scouts. He's now a Weblo.

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