Sunday, June 14, 2009

Matthew at the dentist...

By the time Matthew had cut 7 teeth as a baby, we knew there was going to be touble with his mouth/teeth. Where everyone has 4 front bottom teeth, Matthew has 5. As his teeth grew in, they were sideways and just really crooked and one of them grew in rotten. At this trip to the dentist, they were fixing his 'mutant tooth'. *If the video isn't working then come back in a bit. It has to finish processing on YouTube. (It was too big to upload straight to blogger.)

Our dentist is AWESOME. He's funny and he takes the time to explain what is going on with the kids. There are a couple of pictures and a video from the dentist. The video is kind of long so don't feel obligated to watch it, I just wanted to put it here because he is a part of Matthew's adventure to straight teeth...

The tooth in front of the last tooth on the left side is the 'mutant tooth' that the dentist has drilled down to almost nothing.

This is Matthew with his dentist.

He just has to lose 3 more teeth then head gear!

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