Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a GOOD thing I blog!

Last night I spent a couple hours uploading pictures/videos and informing my fan club what has been going on at our home. In the end I got really sleepy (it was aftger midnight) and I decided to finish this morning.

When I got up I turned my computer on tried to open my memory card back up (From my camara) and NOTHING! It kept saying I had to format it. A couple of things came to my mind. #1, Why didn't I move all those pics to my hard drive like I normally do. #2, Shoot! I can't even remember what I didn't get blogged yet.

As I was rereading the posts I did last night, my memory was jolted and I do remember what I hadn't shared yet, so here goes...sadly without pictures.

Last Saturday we spent the day with our friends in Lyons, eating good food, riding quads and just hanging out. It was Angie's Birthday. Here is where I'd insert Ken singing Happy Birthday Opera Style (worse/better) that he did for Matthew. Also you'd see our Christmas Card picture of all of us on quads. Sadly, this will no longer the Christmas Card picture unless I can improve my drawing skills.

I did convert one of the movies from that day last night, and I'm glad I have it! The video below is of all the kids jumping on the trampeline. In the background you will see the beginnings of our lightening storm that ended up lasting until 4am. Try to figure out what the kids are saying...

Rain, rain, come again. Bring to us a hurricane.

We lost the rest of the pics from the dentist and a video I had of Matthew's rocket going up.

Other happenings at our house...

My stamp mess is put away and I've traded it for a sewing mess. I was given ALOT of fabric so I'm trying my hand at designing...again. Some things have been disasterous, a couple so embarrassing I didn't show Ken and I've made a couple really cute patterns for the designs. Pictures will be coming soon, after I am done, Nicole will do a fashing show.

Ken has been in the hospital since Saturday. We're not sure what is wrong yet, but I'll post about it when we do. Just keep him in your prayers until then.

and I think that's all folks!

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