Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy Pictures Batman--at the park

Today I am thankful for beautiful weather and no school. We were able to go to a park close to our home with some good friends. Here are 18 pictures for your viewing pleasure. My most favorite favorite picture is the very last one. I my opinion, it's totally worth the wait!

Matthew and Jake on pogo sticks. They were getting about 18 inches in the air. It was pretty awesome.

 Matthew jumping.
 Nicole scooting.
 Nicole riding a bike.
 Nicole and Jessy just sitting around.
 Tyler on a bike.
 Next we 'played' tennis. I use the term played very loosely. We actually swung the rackets and chased the balls. A. Lot. Be sure you notice how often the ball was not where it was supposed to be when the rackets were swinging.
 This is Nicole honest to truth 'pose' while she waits for the ball to make it to her side.

 Next the boys got tired of running for tennis balls so they decided to climb the fence.

 And now, for my MOST FAVORITE picture of the day....I LOVE IT!
I'm also thankful for children who like to have their pictures taken. It was a super fun day!

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