Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We left for my brother's house on Thursday morning at 10am. We just needed to make 1 quick stop by my sister's house on the way to drop off some music. The roads were clear and the drive was going by quickly.

Then I took their exit and the roads to my sister's home were not so good. There was snow floor and it was a little bit slick, but nothing I couldn't handle. When I turned onto the last road before her street they got a lot worse. I slowed down to about 25 MPH and still had to keep slowing. When we crossed the freeway overpass it was pure ice. We got off the over pass and I tapped my breaks to slow down so we didn't miss her street and the car was not stopping. I continued tapping the breaks and continued sliding. We missed her street and we weren't slowing down. I said a verbal prayer for help stopping the car as we were sliding down the hill and just before the road hit an even steeper grade our car came to a stop. It was clearly divine intervention.

I turned the car around and started back up the hill we just slid down and could not get enough traction to get up the hill. They say when you are moving a little bit, do not stop the car because you won't be able to get it going again. I was not moving a little bit. Tired were spinning and the car was fishtailing. I put the car in park, pulled the e-break and let Ken take over.

By this time, I was emotionally done. I can handle a lot of things, but car trouble and bad road conditions leaves me crying in the corner and seriously wanting a blanket. I was scared. When I got out of the car so Ken could drive it up the hill, I walked to my sister's street. I would not have been a comfort to my children, so I did not get back in the car. (I know this was probably not a comfort to my children either, but in my state of mind, I couldn't see that was the fact at the time. I know, I just earned another degree of crazy to my resume.)

I called my sister and told her we were stuck. She and her husband came in their truck to help us. A stranger came along and helped Ken push the car up the hill to Wendi's street and Matthew steered and gave the car gas. (The best day of his life if you ask him.) They got the car to her street, then Wendi, Larry, Matthew and I pushed it while Ken gave it gas, so we could get it onto the road. We drove to Wendi's house, I used to restroom and cried and prayed, and then we invited ourselves to Wendi's for Thanksgiving.  I called Ryan and let him know what happened and told him we weren't going to make it to his house.

We were disappointed but I didn't feel comfortable trying to get back to the freeway. I also knew we had 6 hours of above freezing weather ahead of us that day and that alone would improve conditions on the roads. My assumption was correct. The drive home was easy.

So we had an unexpected change of plans but we still got to spend time with family  We also got to eat with Wendi's mother in law, Linda. I've loved her since I met her when I was 14.  Larry's brother, Aaron and his family were there too. It was a fun day, filled with good eats and a lot of laughs.

Here are some pictures from the day.

We watched Toy Story 3. I had never seen it before and it was cute.

Zachary was really good with Anna. He played with her and helped her find things to do. It was fun to watch. She told us at bedtime that he's a good uncle. We're still working on cousins, brothers, uncles etc.

Devon doesn't like his picture taken. Here's his foot.
Nicole likes pie with her whoop cream.
 Ken and Devon's hand. I actually did get a picture of Devon's face but he clearly didn't want me to have it.
 Anna and McKenzie. McKenzie is one of Larry's brother's daughter. Anna loved playing with another 4 year old girl.
 She also loved the pumpkin pie.


  1. glad you're safe... Happy PIE day! I like mine like Nicole, the more whip cream the better :)

  2. Anna would get along w/my two. Also, I like just the cool whip - NO PIE.

  3. I'm SO glad you are safe! Clearly, yet another thing to be thankful for. I'm glad you were still able to be with family and that you are alive and well to tell the tale! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

  4. thanks Lacy I love Whipped Cream