Tuesday, November 2, 2010


How many blogs does a girl need? When I ask that question, The Sound of Music comes to my mind when Frau Schmidt asks Maria, 'How many dresses does a governess need?' Well I'm not sure how many dresses she needs, but apparently I need 4 blogs. Because that's how many I have, not including the one I created for my mom to keep track of my brother's mission. 

What? You didn't know I have 4 blogs? I keep two of them regularly:, (this one) and A daily blog journal I have recently started because I'm lame at scrapbooking and my scrapbooking hero Liz has inspired me to do this project but I have failed each time I tried to do it in a book. But I digress.

I have another one that I started a couple of years ago that I want to get printed into a book and then delete it because I don't keep it up and I don't really like it. You may remove it from your list.

My last blog I started today. It doesn't have any posts yet but it will soon. The reason I'm telling you about it is because I need your help! I want it to be interactive.

I've started doing personal progress with Nicole. I've decided that I want to earn mine again and I want to honor bee also. In order to complete many of the value experiences, you have discuss what you've been reading about or trying to accomplish with 'your leader, your mother, your grandmother, or another woman you respect.'

Well guess what, that's where you, my dear friends come in.  Since I'm lacking a YW leader, a mother and a grandmother, you have won the prize! I'm guessing there are 2 or 3 people out there that many read this blog that never comment and I don't know who they are because some of the places I get 'hits' from I'm certain I don't know anyone there. BUT, many of you, especially those of you that comment fairly regularly are the women in my life that I respect and would love to have these discussions with.

So, here is my request:
Please bookmark or add to your blog list and check it occasionally. I'm going to add my journal entries to that blog. I have three waiting right now. Will you please read and comment and help me in accomplishing my personal progress? AND, if this works, I'm more than willing to add you as administrators to help you in achieving your goals as well.

please and thank you.

Post Script after publishing: I have deleted my cheney365.blogpost and my apicisworth1000words.blogspot.  They really were lame!

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  1. I think this is an absolutely FABULOUS idea!! :) I would be happy to "listen". Personal Progress is one of the best things I EVER did. Really. I didn't go to church until I was 18, so I finished my Personal Progress for the first time as a leader just over a year ago :) I was actually thinking of starting over and doing it again. I would like to earn my honor bee too. When I was doing my Personal Progress, I felt so close to the Savior. I want to feel that way everyday. Good Luck!