Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

Right now one of my children is sitting in their room crying. I interrupted their story to tell them to put pants on. They're too old to be walking around the house in their underwear. Can my one thing I'm thankful for today be doors and pillows to cry in? GOOD GRIEF!

Today Matthew only had a half day of school because of parent teacher conferences. He also has tomorrow and Friday off because of said conferences. I went to his conference today. He's doing really well but they said he gets easily distracted and he talks too much. I'm pretty sure he got that from Ken. (or me)

The thing I'm thankful for today is $20 coupons off of purchases that are even under $20. Because of said coupons I was able to buy a Christmas present for one of my children and 3 pairs of crazy knee high socks today for nothing. That's right.  It was free. I didn't have to add stuff to meet a limit so my purchase of $19.51 cost me nothing...except for all the shoes I bought at famous footwear to earn said coupon. So worth it though!

In other news...Nicole continues to be doing really well learning at home. She's found her niche and I'm just trying to provide her with enough information because she can't seem to get enough of it! (except for history. We seem to fall asleep during movies.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sister in Law, RHONDA!!
I couldn't find a picture of her but she likes pickles so this is for her. :)

and now for the TMI section...
I need to buy new deodorant. I think mine is betraying me.  If I'm around you and I stink, please tell me in a way as nice as possible. gracias.

Lastly, but not least-ly...
Will you pretty please with sugar on top help me earn my Personal Progress Medallion and Honor Bee by participating in my PP blog? I'd be most grateful!

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  1. you smell great from here...

    love the pickle:)