Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'll be back

We are going on a trip to Eastern Washington that began the planning process about an hour ago. We'll be gone for a few days...or maybe two days I'm not really sure at this time. I won't be updating my blog while I'm there, so I'll see you in a few days. Until then,

 I'm SO thankful for the power of prayer, personal revelation AND prompting from the Holy Ghost. I'm SO HAPPY!!


  1. Enjoy your trip! I'll look forward to the stories you'll have to share when you get back!

  2. There is something amusing to me about "Eastern" Washington. Doesn't seem to me there is much "eastern" about it. Have a fun trip.

  3. TEARS IN MY EYES---ECSTATIC ONES---LOVE YOU MUCH, Dedra-and ALL our family-Can't wait to be here more-I've SOOO ENJOYED and been touched by your blog along the way-sorry I haven't posted-but sooo wanted to even before this-Ken's THIRTY FIFTH birthday started the poignancy of FAMILY FOREVER ALL THE MORE and I so want that, Dear One. What you posted above?---Oh Yeah!:-) LOVE-Sherry:-)