Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween! one day late

Last night, as you know, it was Halloween. We started off the festivities at the church with a Chili & Cornbread dinner, then there was a Trunk or Treat. After that was over around 7:30, our friends, the Bates came over to the hosue and Ken and Ben took the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood while Angie and I stayed home and handed out candy to the kids that came around.

Nicole was a Cat.

Matthew was a star wars guy, I've been told about 10 times which one, but I've never seen ANY star wars movies so I don't have the vocab. Sorry!! If you have seen star wars, you know who he is. I'm pretty sure it's a good guy though.

Colie & Matthew together, anxiously awaiting this last phot so they can get busy!

Our kids and the Bates' kiddos too.

Nicole with her loot.

Matthew with his loot.

All in all it was a successful night. Of course I am concerned the way Nicole looks in makeup, what a stinker!! I grounded her. She told me being pretty isn't a reason to be grounded. So goes life! ttfn

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  1. Matthew was a CLONE TROOPER!!! Do your research! :)