Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tag, I'm it..times 7!

This is for my friend Sarah, and anyone else who cares...


7 Things I can do

1. Blog
2. Make a fool of myself in public for a good cause (Photo shoots and good blogging stories most of the time)

3. Play piano
4. Make my nose twitch
5. Make my kids and Ken laugh
6. Sell things on e-bay
7. Make something normal or common funny!

7 Things I can't do

1. Play the flute (I’ll learn one day though!)
2. Act interested when I’m not
3. Get my kids to listen to me the 1st time I ask
4. Fall asleep without checking all the doors in my house.
5. Play dizzing fingers on the piano (I'll learn this one too, watch for video in the future!)

6. Brush my teeth without dry heaving
7. Press the snooze button, when the alarm goes off, GET UP!!

7 Things that attracted me to Ken

1. His missionary tag (Just kidding)
2. The first time I saw him; he was bearing his testimony in church. He said, “I’m Elder Cheney, I’m from Provo, Utah, don’t hold it against me! I loved him then.
3. He has a contagious laugh
4. He writes poetry
5. He is handsome
6. He looks good in a suit.
7. I asked Ken and he said he didn’t really know, but he’s lucky!

7 Things I say the most

1. I’m serious!
2. Nice
3. Yoinka (I made up this word myself, kind of like smurfy)
4. That’s lame.
5. I love you
6. Brush your teeth, comb you hair, and wash your face. Please put on deodorant! (that’s a new one)
7. Take the dog out.

7 People I admire the most

1. Ken
2. My Mom
3. My Dad
4. Wendy Narvasa
5. Becky Rasmussen
6. Barbara Creed
7. President Knapp (our stake president)

7 Favorite Foods

1. Garlic Rolls
2. BBW Chicken and Baked Potatoes
3. Eggs over easy w/toast
4. Nachos
5. Hawaiian Haystacks
6. Chinese Food
7. Enchiladas, Tacos & Fajitas

7 People to tag

I’m breaking the cycle and not tagging this time. I’m know..LAME!


  1. Please write 7 things that you think are disgusting.....
    brussel sprouts or squash.

    Oh wait. those are things that I think are disgusting.

  2. 7 things I think are disgusting..

    1. nose pickers
    2. chewing with your mouth open--worst than that, speaking with your mouth full.
    3. liver
    4. blood and guts. I can't watch any loaw and order shows, ncis, csi's etc...
    5. bubble gum
    6. dirty fingernails
    7. crude humor

  3. Yoinka should totally be added to Webster's.