Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I say a Boom Chicka Boom

I LOVE CAMP SONGS!!! They are pretty much one of my favorite things to sing when on road trips, and since my kids love to sing and think alot of them are funny, we do it ALOT. Our favorite one lately is Boom Chicka Boom. At first the kids were just singing it, and then after about the 50th verse of the exact same words and singing style I showed them you could sing it other ways. I didn't get the variations on video, but I did get some of the beginning. I LOVE watching Nicole sing because she dances in her seat and I love watching Matthew sing because he is missing alot of teeth and he's pretty proud of himself. Also I think they are adorable!! So here is a video taken on our way to Stake Conference on Saturday a couple weeks ago.

ps. Do you think Nicole is getting a little accent?

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