Monday, April 13, 2009

Ironing Shirts

I think it is against my religion to iron shirts. Certainly when we get to Heaven there will be a remedy to this problem!

I probably average ironing about 5 shirts a YEAR for Ken and he has to wear a shirt and tie EVERYDAY to work. Since I'm trying to be a better wife I decided that I would start ironing his shirts. I didn't tell him that, I thought I'd surprise him. When I started ironing, Nicole asked me if I would teach her how. YES! I have an out. My goal at that moment changed from being a good wife to being a good Mom that teached her daughter important life skills. I know she's 10 and I should have taught her like 3 or 4 years ago. (I learned when I was 6 and LOVED it! (That was then...))
Anyway, Nicole loved it a little bit. Not as much and she thought she would, but she did stick to it for 3 shirts. Below you will see Ken holding up 4 shirts that were ironed today. 1 that I did to show her how to iron and then the 3 that she did herself. See if you can figure out which one I did. Good Luck!! (ps, I'm not sure I mentioned how talented Colie is at putting shirts on hangers too! I think I had a trouble with that until I wasi n High School!)

This shirt is Matthew's.

I just remembered a funny ironing story from when I was in 5th or 6th grade. My Dad hadlost his job in Oregon where we were living so he took a job in Boise, Idaho and was gone all week, then came home on the weekends. When he got home this was particular weekend, he told me he'd give me $5.00 to iron all his work shirts. I was happy for that and went right to work. I think I ironed 5 or 6 shirts. When they were all done, I went and told my Dad so I could collect my sweet moola. He was surprised that I could finish the job so quickly! When he went and inspected my work, he figured out how I got the job done so fast. I didn't know I was supposed to wash them first! I ironed 5 or 6 dirty dress shirts. oops! He still paid me the $5.00. I guess my Mom must have reironed those shirts because I didn't do it. lol oohhh, good times.

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