Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This and That from This Week Volume 2

Tonight we had an enrichment activity at a lady's house here in town. We made stone soup and learned how to can meat. It was a nice evening. I think this might be the summer that I actually try to can something. I'm not really sure what that something will be, but I'll keep you posted...stay tuned.
I had a doctors appointment today at 9:00 am. When I got there, I learned that although I scheduled and appointment and they gave me a time, they didn't put it in the computer. I had to reschedule for later in the month. I was a little bit annoyed, I missed 2 hours of work. I thought about sending THEM a bill for 25 dollars but of course I won't. Mistakes happen and I wasn't looking forward to the appt anyway.
Matthew came home from school on Thursday with a temperature of 100.7. By Friday night it was 104.4. After a long weekend with lots of fever reducing meds, an actual housecall from a Dr. (Thanks Josh!) and over a gallon of gatorade, Matthew seems to be fine now. We were worried for a little bit.
I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Since Matthew was sick, I stayed home for most of General Conference with him and watched it on TV. I had been looking forward to conference for over a month and I was not dissapointed. A friend of mine compaired General Conference to taking nice hot spiritual shower...and I agree with her. When the final session was over I was dissapointed but I felt renewed and hopeful. I'm so thankful for messages and songs. Quite often I felt like that speakers wrote their talks specifically for me. Those messages couldn't have come at a more perfect time.
2 more school days until a 4 day weekend, Easter and Stake Conference. I'm also hoping to get rid of all the clothes that keep coming through my laundry that are stained and/or still folded. It's time to downsize.
Before conference started on Saturday morning, I unpacked all but 4 boxes that have been loitering in my laundry room since the last week of SEPTEMBER. I need a book shelf for the 4 boxes of books that remain. I've made it a goal to get that shelf before next September.

You know those febreeze commericals where the lady walks in her front door, breaths deeply, then closes the door. Then repeats? That is how I feel about my laundry room now. I just keep opening the door and looking at how awesome it looks, then I go about my work, only to end up there again. It's a truly beautiful site.
In the April Ensign there are 5 or 6 pages of paintings of the Savior from the time he was in the Garden of Gethsemane continuing on thru his ministry after he was resurected. It is BEAUTIFUL and truly touching. I encourage all of you to look at those pages and read the scripture references that go along with them.
I hope you are all well and the Spring is really truly on it's way. Thanks for reading my blog and caring enough to comment every once in a while. You make my day.

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  1. You are a nicer person than I... I would have sent a bill to the dr, or said something right there on the spot. maybe. ok, i'm all talk. :)

    Glad to hear your son is feeling better! Sick kids are almost as miserable as sick husbands. except husbands act like babies. pathetic.

    I enjoyed conference also - what I could listen to with a toddler running rampant through the apt.