Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

This morning Ken took the kids to school for the 2nd time this year.  I thought it may be icy out so I asked him to drop them off and I'd drive myself, then we'd both have plenty of time and no one would be late.  PERFECT PLAN right??  Of course not!  I got to work with plenty time to spare. (Possible pun intended...keep reading.)  Ken called me right as I was walking into my classroom and told me I needed to come get the kids, his back tire blew out.  I immediately said a prayer of thanks that it was his car and not mine AND that it was the work van and not the Blazer.  A tender mercy from Heavenly Father.

I went and picked up the kids, they were 10 minutes late to school and I was 17.  Oh well.  We had good intentions. 

Tonight at dinner Matthew had some interesting info for us.  His high was that he is now a cop.  Then he said, 'I have some business to discuss.  I am now a cop.' I was asked him what that means and he said, 'It means that you will now be getting tickets if there are any disturbances.'  I asked him a couple more questions then he finally gave us the details...  If it gets too noisy, we get a ticket. If there are arguments, we get tickets.  If I tell him to practice the piano, I get a ticket.  If Nicole practices her clarinet and it squeaks, she gets a ticket. If anyone blows a tire, they get a ticket.  I asked him who his superior was and he doesn't have one.
In other news...
Tonight during the prayer for dinner Nicole prayed that 'Dad's funeral would be nice and a lot of people will attend.' NO, Ken did not die...he is just working a funeral today.

Duncan threw up at school today and we were all glad that he had to go home early.

Our low today is 20 and we haven't reached it yet.

Matthew jimmy rigged the Uno Attack game so that he could use AA batteries instead of C's.  He's a genius.  I worry he'll burn the house down one day.

Both the kids had detention today.  I'm a proud Mamma.

Lastly, I cut Nicole's hair on Saturday and I think it turned out pretty well.  ps, when I say I cut her hair, I mean, Nicole cut her own bangs, unsupervised, and I cut the rest of her hair.

Okay, I said that was the end, but I accidentally uploaded the wrong picture and although I know this photo could be the catalist to Matthew burning the house down, I'm going to show it anyway.  No sense wasting an upload, right?   HAHA!!!

Day 2 of my goal...complete!

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