Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So so so many questions...

This morning while I was using the bathroom, showering, getting dressed and doing my hair/make up I was asked over 25 questions/comments. The bathroom door is locked and I keep hearing MOOOOOOOOM!! I'm trying the get dresses and I hear it again.

Where's my shoes?
Can I hot lunch?
______ hid my agenda.
______ has gum.
______Do I have to brush my teeth? (My youngest is TEN YEARS OLD! When do they outgrow grossness?)
Where's Dad?
What's for breakfast?
For Christmas I want ________.
On my birthday can we go to Chuck E Cheese? (Both were born in the summer)
I think I want build a bear from Santa.
When can we go to Thai?
You promised the next time we go to Wichita I can with you.
Can we eat Thai when we go to Wichita?
When are we going to Wichita?
_______ slept in that!
_______ is drinking milk. (This is not again any rule I know of)
Where's the hammer?
Can we paint my room?
I had homework!
Can you draw a bridge and floorplan of the house for me?
What's a floor plan?

sigh...I'm tired before it hits 7am.

ps, Ken sleeps through all of this almost every morning. On the other mornings, he's just getting home from a graveyard shift and he just ignores it. :)

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  1. You are Iron Woman! I find myself chuckling because it sounds so familiar. You've just helped me decide to find it funny from now on. :)