Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So my new cellphone only has a nine hour charge. Verizon said sorry! Too bad for you.
I also found out my blackberry had a 1 year warranty that they chose not to honor because I was so close to an early upgrade. That warranty expired on Sunday. I'm still frustrated over that one. REALLY FRUSTRATED!

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  1. I closed my account within the 30 day trial period and returned the phone. I had called them before to make sure it was ok and that I wouldn't be charged the early termination fee. They said I wouldn't if it was returned by the 30 day. I kept the receipt, and still ended up being charge 187.47 happened on Sept. 17. 10 calls and 2 months later, I actually had one hundred percent confirmation that a check has actually been mailed out, not just promise. I was lied to, accused of not turning in the phone on time(still have that stupid receipt saying otherwise), even told by one person I should have changed my bank account info so it wouldn't have happened. I had to wait two freaking billing cycles b/c during the calls, the money had been credited to my closed! Verizon account. I really think they were just doing everything they could to keep from having to give me the money they literally stole from me.