Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ZZZZzzzzzz...not a great post.

It is 10:24 pm right now. I'd like to wish myself Happy Birthday. No, it's not my birthday, I was just born on 10-24.

Exciting Happenings at the Cheney Home...

yeah, it's been 5 minutes since I wrote that and I'm drawing a blank.


Today I have started my first attempt at making a rag doll. I got the fabric sewn together and I stitched the arms and feet to separate them from the body. I've stuffed it and now I have to close the head and add hair. This is appearing to be more difficult than I imagined. Actually--I am just feeling lazy and don't want to.

Our friend Ben is over watching football with Ken and he told me to just take a picture of it the way it is.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out. One of you just may receive as a Christmas Gift. Or I'll include the rest of the materials and we'll just call it a 'kit'.

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