Friday, October 3, 2008

There aren't any trees in Kansas!

"Why are you moving to Kansas?" "There aren't any trees there!"

When we were getting ready to move to Kansas, we heard that questions ALOT, followed by that comment, often by the same person who asked the question. We heard it so often, that at times I began to worry. Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I LOVE having the trees around and took them for granted.

Well I am here to tell you, there are trees in Kansas! They aren't 60 + feet tall where we live, and most of them are not evergreens, but we have trees.

Yesterday I went to Salina with Ken to take a body to the crematory and I noticed some trees that I thought were pretty cool, so on the way home I took pictures of them. Enjoy the trees from Kansas! As a bonus you can also enjoy how amazingly flat it is here. Just so you know, it's not like that everywhere in KS, just on the western side--where we live.

This tree is my favorite, because of all the nests that are in it. Infact, it was my inspiration for this post. I LOVE IT!!

There is a little bit of rolling hill in the photo. That's about as good as it gets until you get closer to Missouri though.

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