Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...

So on October 24, I turned sweet 31, and since I don't have any family within 24+ driving hours from here, I decided to celebrate with a few of my girlfriends. We got together on Friday night, ate A TON of good food and decorated candles using beads. I had tierra's for everyone and we were going to be princesses, unfortunately I didn't buy good enough crowns and they were a bust, the party was not though. Here are a couple of pictures.

CJ and Holly decided the blow driers weren't working well enough so they used a real FIRE. Take note of the burn victims they are holding.

Working on heating candles to decorate with beads. My friend CJ brought her blow drier and it put off the hottest heat I've ever felt from a blow drier, caused my candles to MELT, not just soften. It was pretty funny.

Our finished work

White cake with Chocolate Frosting, decorated to look like a crown.

Me and my friends. You wouldn't believe how many pictures we took using the automatic flash to get a couple of good ones through the night. We got alot of laughs from it though.

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