Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eating lunch with my kiddos

For the last 2 days I have had the opportunity to eat lunch with my kids at school. I ate with Nicole and the 5th graders yesterday, and Matthew and the 4th graders today. I remember when my kids were in Kindergarten and First Grade. They wanted me and Ken to come to school and eat with them and it was awesome for them and I felt pretty darn good too. All those little kids love you. Now, as they get older my kids still want us to come eat with them, but I felt like they were embarrassed while we were eating. We visited and the kids were all really talkative, but for Nicole's class, when the boys started showing off (pouring ketchup in milk and drinking it as fast as they can) Nicole got really embarrassed. Matthew was a little bit uncomfortable because they have to sit ABC order by last name and he was surrounded by girls. I'm glad I got to go and be with them, but I also felt bad for them too. Here is a picture of me with each of the kids.

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