Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coming soon...


See this BEAUTIFUL camara?? I bought it in May. I LOVE it. Rather, I LOVED it. It had a little accident in California and drowned. What happened you ask? It fell in the toilet at Disneyland. I know, GROSS! I've done my best to sanitize it. I washed the little cord or handle thingy. I cleaned everywhere I could with clorox wipes. (Too bad you can't run it through the washer...I already know water is BAD for it.) I let it dry for a while. Still it wasn't working. When I've needed to take a picture, I have borrowed Nicole's camara. Last night I loaded mine up with batteries last effort to see if it has finally decided to work. No such luck, and to add insult to injury... Somebody (one of my kids) has dropped it and the screen is shattered. Goodbye little Cannon.

Tonight Ken and I went to Walmart (I HATE WALMART) to buy a new camara. Sadly, our beautiful camara is no longer available there...9 months later. We had to buy a different one. We finally chose one and they didn't have any in stock. We asked to buy the display and they wouldn't sell it to us because at some point they will have more in stock. I asked when and the lady said they wouldn't know until it was shipped.When we got home, I went online (I LOVE AMAZON!) and found the exact camara we had for a very nice price. Ken talked me into buying the once we were going to get at Walmart though. Because we bought it online, through amazon, the price was 30 dollars less that at Walmart and we didn't have to pay shipping. It will be here in 5 days. Then I can take pictures again. I'm so excited!!!

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